Video Chinese – Watching Video to Learning Chinese

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Video Chinese – Watching Video to Learning Chinese.

This Video Series contain 117 Videos, each around 15 minutes. This series is talking about an American girl Susan, who come to Beijing to Learn Mandarin and stays in a Chinese family. All funny stories and conflicts between cultures are presented in this series..

Each video contains 8 to 15 episodes, the contents vary from very shallow “How are you!” to very deep “Beijing Opera….” etc.
In order to make your study easy, we edited all the episodes into shorter clip and classified them into 4 levels according the difficulty.
All the transcripts and translation are presented by using our unique Edeo and PPT system..

To test your understanding, the quizzes will be given after each episode.

By using our latest Personal Learning Management System (PLMS), all our 18 years’ experience and teaching materials are integrated and deliverable under your FINGER, anytime, anywhere.
We have mountains of mandarin materials; we mined it and obtain the GOLD for you….

Large amount of reading is the most effective way to increase your language level; there is NO Magic pills for you to master a language in one night. Daily learning habit, even just 5-10 minutes, is essential for you to improve, especially for you as a foreigner or living in non-mandarin speaking environment.
Enjoy you study and move step-by-step improvement with us! You will be proud and shock when you look back at your journey; Amazing achievements and magic are there in your eye and mind!

David YAO

April 1, 2014

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