Learn to Speak Mandarin in 10 Hours

We are the pioneer for online mandarin learning. Condensed our 18 years’ experience, we are launching online video courses “How to Speak Mandarin in 10 Hours”,
which combines textbook, audio, teacher’s explanation into a presentable video to achieve the best visual effect and learning experience.
This course is targeting the mass market for zero beginners who may have limited time, resource and chance to catch the official language for the 2nd largest economic power, spoken by 1.8 billion of people.

The basic 300 hundred sentences which we selected from more than 3000 basic conversational sentences and cover the following topics:
Part 01 Basic ABC
Part 02 Greeting

(There are total 12 Edeos, here are real one to share with you)

Part 03 Date & Time
Part 04 Feeling
Part 05 Chit Chat
Part 06 Hobby
Part 07 Shopping
Part 08 Ask the Way
Part 09 Food Culture
Part 10 Bank
Part 11 Airport
Furthermore, with our ground breaking methods such as: Literature translation, Vocabulary Camping, Vocabulary Builders etc.
Students can easily expand the 300 sentences into 600 sentences or even make it a part of own intuitional way to speak Chinese.

After each session of study, we will give an online quiz to assess students’ progress and an overall online test will be given and the Certificate of Achievement will be generated based on students’ performance.
A Personalized Learning Management System (PLMS) will manage all the quiz you have taken or on pending. You can view your progress, your result and also can retake the course or quiz any time you like.
Once you finished one quiz, an email will automatically send to us, Our teacher will monitor you progress and new course or advice will be assigned to you based on your assessment record.

Anytime anywhere on any devices at your own pace!
Our Personalized Learning Management System (PLMS) combines the Edeo (Educational Video), Quiz etc. It can be used any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phone etc.
The staff can access and restudy any time they like. Learn at your own pace and Hassle free!

Email and Real Time Support
To ensure you are not alone, we still give you a live guidance through email support and real time support using our real time online conference system or skype to give necessary support if need. You are not learning along from the robot, we will be with you!
Lowest cost and best results!
Comparing with group coaching as the audience varying in their language background and learning pattern, our systematic and personalized online course will achieve 200% improved result but at only 20% cost..

“Anywhere, Anytime, on any devices at your own pace”. We are always being ready with you!



If you want 1-to-1 premium VIP service, using cutting edge real time online room system with our Senior Teacher, which will be fully customized to meet your perosonal schedule and progress.
You can buy the real time course at USD $ 299 for 10 hours only!
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If you want attend our group lesson in our center or by using our real time online room system with our Senior Teacher,
You pay USD 80 for the whole course!

The Group lesson Schedule:
) Group lesson (RM 240 for 6 lessons, each lesson 1.5 hours, plus 1 personal 1-to-1 private session at center or by onlineclassroom, which will be decided at after the 6 lessons by teacher and student at their mutual convenience time)
@ Center Every Thursday 9:00am-10.30am
@ Center Every Saturday 11:00am-12.30pm
Online lesson Every Saturday 1:00pm-2.30pm
(For group lesson, you can join at any time you selected, the courses is run on modular approach and will be rotating and restart after six lessons).

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