Edeo Course Introduction

Edeo is Educational Video courses coined by David YAO, Founder of Legoo Mandarin in September 2013. Edeo course combines books, audio, video, teacher explanations into a single video.


Edeo (2)

You can learn Edeo courses at your own pace any time, anywhere by any devices. Each Edeo will followed by an online quiz as an exercise or quiz to test your understanding and knowledge. The result will be shown to you immediately. A Personal Learning Management System (PLMS) will manage all the quiz you have taken or on pending. You can view your progress, your result and also can retake the course or quiz any time you like.  Once you finished one quiz, an email will automatically send to us, Our teacher will monitor you progress and new course or advice will be assigned to you based on your assessment record. You are not learning from the robot, we will be with you!
 Our New online Educational  Vidoe (Edeo) will give you the cutting edge soultion for Course overview, free preview. Please click for more Course information.

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