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LCWD FY4 Intensive Reading Course H41001 is here!

  BUY NOW AT USD $ 120 ONLY!!! Learn Chinese with David (LCWD) Foreigner Year 4 (FY4) Intensive Reading Course is for students who who want to converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers. They should have the following prerequisite: -can understand and […]

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Learn Chinese With David (LCWD): FY 2 HSK2 Listening Sample Lesson is on!

This is perfect for beginners, the LEVEL of new vocabulary will be given, the new improvements from out paintaking efforts…. The whole course is at the promotional Price USD $90 only for 26 lessons! Learn Chinese With David (LCWD): FY 1 HSK1, which is for ZERO BEGINNERS, will be realesed soon!!!

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Need Know How to Read or How to Write – Problem solved, for HSK, IB, SAT GCSE, AP Chinese.

One annoying question asked frequently by students is: Should I learn how to How to Read or How to Write this Chinese Character or Phrase? YES or No depends on teacher’s memory and moods. We solved this problem by add one more note, but this will take more painstaking works….

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