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Free Preview 三十六计 03 借刀杀人 Kill with a Borrowed Sword 二桃杀三士 Edeo Full

03 借刀杀人 Kill with a Borrowed Sword 二桃杀三士 The whole series can be purchased at USD 120 by clicking the following linkage: Buy by Paypal or Credit Card 春秋时齐景公有三位勇猛无比的手下,分别叫做公孙接,田开疆和古治子。 During the Spring and Autumn Period, there were three fearless warriors in Ci by the name of Gong Sun Jie, Tian Kai Jiang and Gu zhi […]

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36 Strategies Course 三十计 is Ready : 36 Strategies , 36 lessons

36 Strategies Course 三十计,孙子兵法 is Ready here and also on 36 Strategies Course Introduction “The 36 Strategies” refers to the ancient Chinese art of war strategies, originated from the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420—589 AC). It is a summary made according to ancient Han Chinese military thinking and rich experience in struggle the art […]

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