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2015 UN Chinese Language Day Celebrations

Congratulations to Ms. Pang Xua’s “China:   A lyrical Journey” in 2015 UN Chinese Language Day Celebrations.  Best wish for your success!   Ms. Pang Xuan, a renowned young professional singer, is our adviser’s Pang Zhong Hua’s daughter. Also thanks for inviting David Yao to Present there…  

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Online Educational Video is the future … LinkedIn announced its purchase of for $1.5 billion!

On April 9th 2015, LinkedIn announced its purchase of for $1.5 billion, is a privately held online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative and business skills. Our solution is Edeo:  Edeo is Educational Video courses coined by David YAO, Founder of Legoo Mandarin in September 2013. Edeo course combines […]

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TW Fables 02 冬至是牛的生日 The Winter Solstice Is The Cow’s Birthday

Fable stories: A nation’s culture and value are passing down generations by generations through legend and fables. Wisdom, virtues, the kindness are taught by stories. Full access to PPT file and quiz at $ 0

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