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Monday, 15 October, 2012 Origin of Chinese Characters 说文解字 139 – 民 mín;people

民 mín is a needle poke to the eye, which was used in ancient time to mark the slave. Vocabulary Builder 人民 Rénmín People 人民币 Rénmínbì Renminbi 公民 Gōngmín Citizen 民主 Mínzhǔ Democracy 民众 Mínzhòng People 国民 Guómín National

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Origin of Chinese Characters 说文解字 138 – 县 (縣) xiàn ; 悬 (懸) Xuán Suspense; hang up

                Hang up the head on the tree is a punishment for the executed person. 縣, Later a new 懸 was created to mean “suspense; hang up”.  縣 was used a county.   Vocabulary Builder 头悬梁 Tóu xuánliáng Hand up hair to keep one awake to study 悬空 Xuánkōng Vacant 悬念 […]

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