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Origin of Chinese Characters 说文解字 2 – 月 yuè: Moon

Origin of  月 yuè: Moon; body part;            Vocabulary Builder 月 yuè Moon 明 míng SUN + MOON= Bright ( The sun and moon are bright objects) 月 yuè Month ( Chinese uses lunar calendar, by watching the moon to decide a month) 月亮 Yuèliàng Moon 月光 yuèguāng Moonlight 月饼 yuèbǐng Moon cake […]

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Origin of Chinese Characters 说文解字 1 – Introduction & 日 Rì, Sun

The Chinese Character is an ideograph system, in which the shape of Chinese Character is related to the meaning. But during the thousands years of evolution, the  Chinese Characters are more to be the abstract symbols and hard to related to their meanings. In the previous blogs, I explained the radicals in the pictorial way and received positive response from my students. From […]

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Daily Conversational Chinese 日常会话 5 -Greeting

Basic verbs 常用动词 Chángyòng dòngcí 吃 Chī Eat 喝 Hē Drink 玩 Wán Play 睡觉 Shuìjiào Sleep 走 Zǒu Walk 跑 Pǎo Run 跳 Tiào Jump 踢 Tī Kick 卖 Mài Sell 买 Mǎi Buy 站 Zhàn Stand; Station 立 Lì    Stand 坐 Zuò Sit . 3 Let’s talk: S22 你 吃 什么? Nǐ […]

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Free online conversational Chinese-live session

Online Classroom Introduction This is a real time online teaching system, like webinar. You are learning from a real experienced teacher in the real time, not a robot! You can see and listen to the teacher, share and download worksheets. You can also write on the whiteboard, highlight the document and chat with teacher by […]

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Daily Conversational Chinese 日常会话 4 -Greeting

1 Vocabulary Builder 你好 Nǐ hǎo Hello 再见 Zàijiàn Goodbye 谢谢 Xièxiè Thank you 多谢 Duōxiè Thank you 不用谢 Bùyòng xiè You’re welcome 不客气 Bù kèqì You’re welcome 别客气 Bié kèqì You’re welcome 对不起 Duìbùqǐ I am sorry 没关系 Méiguānxì It does not matter 前天 Qiántiān The day before yesterday 昨天 Zuótiān Yesterday 今天 Jīntiān […]

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Daily Conversational Chinese 日常会话 3 -Greeting

1 Vocabulary Builder Feelings 感情 Gǎnqíng 忙 máng Busy 喜欢 Xǐhuan Like 高兴 Gāoxìng Happy 伤心 Shāngxīn Sad 生气 Shēngqì Angry 难过 Nánguò Sad 痛苦 Tòngkǔ Pain 满意 Mǎnyì Satisfaction 担心 Dānxīn Worried 放心 Fàngxīn Rest assured 冷 Lěng Cold 热 Rè Hot 疼 Téng Pain 痛 Tòng Pain 舒服 Shūfú Comfort 累 Lèi Tired […]

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