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Worksheets approach has its own advantages:

  1. Flexible:  We can update and modify the worksheets in a short time. We do not need spend much  time like editing a whole book.
  2. Manageable: We classify the language learning tasks into manageable main blocks: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Then we continue to slice the main blocks into more smaller blocks:   Listening for Beginner, Speaking for foreigner,  Business Chinese Reading for an intermediate student….. Like a LEGO puzzle game, we will teach you how to build up a language.
  3. Integrated: We combine the detail, small learning topics into a worksheet with the task of integrating “Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing” skills.
  4. Joy instead of Fear:  It is easy for student to carry a small worksheet instead of a thick book. It will reduce the fear of learning but increase the joy of achievement by conquering sheets by sheets.
  5. Tailor Made: For oversea Chinese teaching, you can not group the students,  who take Chinese as a secondary or third language,  into a group according their age, mother tongue etc. They are all unique! By using worksheets approach, we can personalize the course to fit you better.
  6. Easy to distribute: All the worksheets will have a PDF copy for the digital age. We can distribute the worksheet with our students and affiliates in a timely and cost efficient way.

Video Presentation:

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