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OnlineChinese2u  is a new Online Chinese Learning community which provides an integrated platform for all our students and allow other people to see our services, products. Developed by LEGOO MANDARIN, which has more than 16 years of  Chinese teaching experience and an pioneer and leading force in Chinese online teaching.

We have a vision about education, which was also depicted in the following paragraph:

” Jobs asked some questions about education, and Gates sketched out his vision of what schools in the future would be like, with students watching lectures and video lessons on their own while using the classroom time for discussions and problem solving. They agreed that computers had, so far, made surprisingly little impact on schools–far less than on other realms of society such as media and medicine and law. For that to change, Gates said, computers and mobile devices would have to focus on delivering more personalized lessons and providing motivational feedback.


We are using this website as a platform to providing more personalized courses, using our worksheets approach, supported by video explanations, under the guidance of ” 集中识词. 大量阅读. 分步习作. Focus on literacy; Reading a lot of ; Step-by-step exercises”  thought to integrate the cutting edge information Technology with the arts of language teaching.

Part 2: How to speak chinese in 10 hours- Greetings: this is one of our real Edeo (Educational Video)

LEGOO MANDARIN The Design Principle our Worksheet and Textbooks

Edeo – LEGOO MANDARIN Educational Video Introduction

LEGOO MANDARIN Introduction – Our Approach and Methdologies

LEGOO MANDARIN Online Classroom Introduction


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